Major projects



2008: Archival research in St. Petersburg, Russia. Research topic: the history of the Bolshevik press, the rhetoric of “Pravda” 1910-1920’s, and the rhetoric of “white” Newspapers 1918-1920-ies.
2010: Archival research in Minsk, Belarus. Research topic: the democratization of Belarus after the 1986. Massacres in Kurapaty, the formation of the Belarusian opposition groups
2011: Creation of the documentary: “Chernobyl Heritage: The Zone”, finding the finance and conducting the complete marketing campaign. The film was seen by nearly 2.5 million people.
2011-2012: European Integration Fund project in which we examined the situation of minorities living in Hungary in articles and video series.
2016-2019: I was the managing editor of Hungarian Geopolitics (HUG) magazine. The quarterly magazine was published in print in English and Hungarian and was designed to promote geopolitics. By April 2019, there were 12 issues published. These published issues can be found here.
2016-2019: Creation of website, managing content and developing a growing, solid readership base.
2017-2019: Teaching at Corvinus University (Geostrategy) and at Pázmány Péter Catholic University (International Relations Theory course)
2017-2018: Organising and conducting four international conferences in geopolitics in Hungary
2017-2019: Geopolitical Opinion Survey project: mapping foreign policy knowledge of Hungarian population based on a representative sample of one thousand people. The project was published in January 2019:
2018-2019: One Belt One Road research project. As part of the project, we began a comprehensive research on how China’s initiative works and what opportunities China has created for Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe. We started the project by researching the Eurasian central corridor. During the field research phase of the project, we visited railway companies, logistics centers, free trade zones and trading companies in China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland, from which a comprehensive research material was created.
2018-2019: Creating radio program and podcasts in collaboration with TrendFm radio. The broadcasts were listened by around ten thousand people per week.