In the beginning of 2011 together with my friend, Márk Maczelka we’ve started a new project. I was working as a foreign policy journalist at Kitekinto, Márk had a video production company at that time. I was experiencing Chernobyl in my childhood, Márk was obsessed with it in his. We were very keen on bringing to the Hungarian readers – and viewers a story of the Chernobyl. Not the story about the catastrophe and the explosion, but the story about surviving and the aftermath of Chernobyl. Not many people knew at that time here in Hungary, that Chernobyl nuclear power plant was operating up until 2000, several years after the catastrophe. Not many people knew that a completely new city was built for the ex-inhabitants of Pripyat and workers of Chernobyl – Slavutich.

We have traveled to the zone, spend there few weeks making footage and preparing the interviews with people involved and people living and working in Slavutich. Then we spent over 6 months to work on the film. In the mean time I have prepared series of articles about the catastrophe and the aftermath of the catastrophe, which were published on Kitekinto (as Kitekinto went bankrupt in 2016, these materials are not available any more there unfortunately).

The first screening of the film was in Pécs, in October 2011. Then Budapest premier followed at Corvin Cinema, December 2011. In the beginning of 2012 our documentary was screened in 16 cities of Hungary and had a big success. Especially for a documentary. Later on it was screened on several Hungarian television channels: HírTv, MTV and DunaTv. It was released in limited edition on dvd-s in the end of 2012, and re-released on dvd-s in June 2019.

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